BAPTO Pool Rules – Old Version (March 2000)

Click here for the BAPTO pool rules which were last revised in March 2000. These rules are still commonly used in many local pool leagues and are most generally referred to as “The New Rules”.

We have broken down the key points below.

Key Points


After the break, the breaker will nominate the balls they will play for the duration of the frame. The breaker may choose any colour, regardless of what was potted. The breaker will still nominate even if no object balls are potted.

A foul break is called if the white is potted from the break. In this instance, the breaker will still nominate the colour they wish to play. the opponent would then approach the table with 2 shots.

An illegal break is called if no ball is potted and less than 2 balls pass the middle pocket line. If a ball is potted, the break is legal. If 2 or more balls pass the middle pocket line, the break is legal.


Definitions of a foul can be found in more detail below. In the event of a foul, the approaching player would be awarded 2 shots. They may play from where the white ball currently is (unless the white was pocketed) or moved back to the D (the rules dictate that the table have a D however for those that do not, playing the ball from anywhere behind the line is allowed).

The first shot by the opponent after a foul is always a Free Ball. A Free Ball does not need to be called. If a ball is potted on this first shot, play will continue as normal. 2 shots do not carry over as with the World Rules.