2019 Season


  • All matches to be played to Blackball Rules.
  • All matches to play the full 12 frames.
  • All matches to be played at The Odds, Ramsgate.
  • 3 points for winning, 1 point for drawing, 1 bonus point for gaining 4 frames, 1 bonus point for gaining 10 frames.
  • Matches must be played within the calendar month they are scheduled. Games may not be played before the scheduled month. In extreme circumstances, games will be allowed to roll over to the following month. Games not played in the scheduled month will be subjected to scoring 0 bonus points, unless otherwise agreed with league Admin.
  • Any match proven to have taken place outside of The Odds will not count and must be played again. These games are subject to the above rule regarding playing within the scheduled month.
  • Players found to be throwing frames to gain a favourable league position for themselves or any other player will first be warned and then expelled from the league.

Please ensure all results are texted through to the league admin as soon as they are played: 07496 953189


2019 Knockout Last 32

2019 Knockout Last 16

2019 Knockout Last 8

2019 Knockout Last 4


League Table

1Lukas Nutley880072244835
2Dean Newman851257391826
3Tony West852160362425
4Sal Ahmed842257391823
5Chris McManus82335145619
7Darren Knowles82423858-2013
8Luke McGrath91534167-2612
9Matt Tedham81701977-585
10Kristen Love2020618-121



Lukas Nutley10 - 2Darren Knowles
Dean Newman6 - 6Chris McManus
Sal Ahmed11 - 1Matt Tedham
Tony West8 - 4Luke McGrath
Ace10 - 2Kristen Love
Dean Newman5 - 7Lukas Nutley
Sal Ahmed9 - 3Darren Knowles
Chris McManus4 - 8Tony West
Ace9 - 3Matt Tedham
Luke McGrath8 - 4Kristen Love
Lukas Nutley9 - 3Sal Ahmed
Tony West5 - 7Dean Newman
Ace5 - 7Darren Knowles
Kristen Love - Chris McManus
Luke McGrath5 - 7Matt Tedham
Tony West3 - 9Lukas Nutley
Ace6 - 6Sal Ahmed
Dean Newman - Kristen Love
Luke McGrath6 - 6Darren Knowles
Chris McManus10 - 2Matt Tedham
Lukas Nutley8 - 4Ace
Kristen Love - Tony West
Luke McGrath2 - 10Sal Ahmed
Matt Tedham1 - 11Dean Newman
Chris McManus6 - 6Darren Knowles
Kristen Love - Lukas Nutley
Luke McGrath6 - 6Ace
Tony West12 - 0Matt Tedham
Chris McManus4 - 8Sal Ahmed
Dean Newman7 - 5Darren Knowles
Lukas Nutley10 - 2Luke McGrath
Matt Tedham - Kristen Love
Chris McManus6 - 6Ace
Darren Knowles2 - 10Tony West
Dean Newman8 - 4Sal Ahmed
Matt Tedham0 - 12Lukas Nutley
Chris McManus10 - 2Luke McGrath
Kristen Love - Darren Knowles
Dean Newman7 - 5Ace
Tony West6 - 6Sal Ahmed
Lukas Nutley7 - 5Chris McManus
Darren Knowles7 - 5Matt Tedham
Dean Newman6 - 6Luke McGrath
Sal Ahmed - Kristen Love
Tony West8 - 4Ace