When you register a new league, we will do all the initial set up for you. We require a list of all teams that will be competing in the League and from there we will generate all pages you will need to run the whole competition effectively.

Once set up, you will receive unique login details via e-mail. To login, click “Login” in our menu bar at the top and the bottom of any page. The instructions below will guide you through updating the results after each gameweek.

Step 1:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 1

Once logged into the Dashboard, scroll down the page and click the “LeagueEngine” link at the bottom.

Step 2:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 2

Once into the LeagueEngine, first click “Competitions” in the top bar. Next click the name of your competition. If you cannot immediately find the competition, you can type in the search bar which is the white box just above the list and to the right.

Step 3:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 3

Once you have selected your League you will see the above screen. From here select the current season.

Step 4:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 4

The screen you are seeing is the main settings screen for the season you are updating. You will see the main factors have been set up with the amount of points available for each win, loss & draw. Leave this information as it is as this is governing every result for the season that has been inputted. If this is changed it will affect the live table.

Click “Matches” at the top of the screen to see all matches in this current season.

Step 5:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 5

Scroll down the page until you see the date of the fixtures you are looking to update. Once you find them you will see each has a time to the left of it. This is the link to get into the Match Update screen. Click the time of the match you would like to update.

Step 6:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 6

You will now see the Match Edit Page. There are 3 jobs here. First fill in the score in the “Score” boxes. Next fill in the bonus points in the “Bonus Points” boxes below the score. Finally click Save.

Step 7:

The Pool Hub - Updating League Tables Step 7

Once you have clicked save, do not do anything until you see the Green “Success” bar. This will only appear for around 5 seconds. Once you get this, the match has been updated and the scores are live. The Table is also automatically updated.

Next, use the Breadcrumb Trail to go back to “Matches”. When you click this you will be back at the screen from step 5. Scroll to the current date and click the time next to the next Match you wish to update.

Once all Matches have been updated you may close the browser. The Table will auto update from the scores you have put in.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the admin on info@thepoolhub.com.